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 « Heilsames Chi Gong / KACHIMO und Klangmeditation » mit Kailash Kokopelli

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« Heilsames Chi Gong / KACHIMO und Klangmeditation » mit Kailash Kokopelli
am 3. Adventssonntag, 15. Dezember 2019.

Was für erfüllende 3 Stunden! Bewegende Übungen mit herrlich lebhafter Anleitung und abschließender Klangmassage für jeden Sinn.
Vielen Dank an alle die dabei waren und so eine wundersame heilsame Athmospähre geschaffen haben und
vielen Dank an Kailash Kokopelli und sein Team, wie schön dass ihr zu uns gekommen seid! 😉

Danke an Eli für die Fotos! www.elligraphix.de

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Die Eventbeschreibung & Links:

Der Text ist auf englisch, doch keine Bange, Musik ist ohne Worte fühlbar…
& es wird deutsch gesprochen! 😉

KACHIMO Kailash Chi Movements
aka Dragoyoga is a poetic fusion of healing chi movements from different traditions
including Osho Divine Healing Exercises and other Chi Gong styles.
Strengthening the vital force and collecting chi/prana through conscious breathing,
visualizations & internal mantras- this meditative dance has a balancing, cleansing and energizing effect.
90min Kachimo class leading into 20min sound meditation with Overtone chanting,
mantra and Native American prayer flute with possible extra:


Inspired by his Sundance experience of 7 years Kailash is guiding us to make every step a prayer –
planting seeds of intention into the soil of our soul awakening a new chapter of awareness.
We are blessed for we can not just talk – we can sing!
And we can not just walk – we can dance! Lets share this blessing dance!

Kailash has been studying with indigenous medicine people from age 17 and has participated
in uncountable ceremonies and prayer-dances through which he was able the gather good medicine and merit.
This experience he weaves into the SONGDANCES he teaches.
Every step becomes a prayer.
Planting seeds of intention.

Giving and receiving energy from sacred mother earth.
Learning to listen to the sacred heartbeat of life and the song of our heart – the compass for guidance to walk in beauty.

The simple trance inducing dance becomes a shamanic experience of great power when we melt into presence.

This dance is dedicated to awaken the inner blossoming of the heart  and fill ourselves with golden nectar.

About Kailash Kokopelli 

Sound Medicine Man, multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer of Sacred World Music.
Kokopelli developed a unique healing sound transmission through his Native American prayer flute
and didgeridoo as well as overtone and spirit chanting.

The cross-cultural bridge-maker and humanitarian artist has been working with indigenous people
around the planet since the early 90’s when he introduced the mother of all flutes as
one of the first European didgeridoo players to Germany.

Since then Kokopelli has been one of the leading pioneers in exploring the healing effect of sound
through countless individual and group sound medicine treatments as well as performing
Sound Healing Journeys and ceremonial Medicine Music concerts worldwide.

Kailash Kokopelli’s songs like the HEALING SONG, WALKING TREE and ABOVE & BELOW
are sung in homes and gatherings around the globe by all ages.

Besides his Sound Medicine education, treatment and research work Kailash also teaches
KACHIMO Healing Chi Movements and sacred SONGDANCES.

The sound alchemist is also a passionate cacao and healing food alchemist,
herbalist, astrologer, poet and diviner who has the gift to dowse for your source of pure waters.

His work as a medicine person includes Sweatlodge purification ceremonies,
Vision Quests, cleansing and consecration of homes and the auric field.

Sound Medicine treatments are designed to realign to source within and initiate self-healing processes.
The sound vibration is stimulating vital force to flow through the 72.000 energy channels
in the body known as the Nadis to activate, nourish and strengthen the main energy centers in the body.
Profound healing can be experienced.

Kailash Kokopelli is performing on invitation worldwide
and has touched many thousand people with his healing Sound Medicine and Sacred World Music.

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